Sagging Breast

“The collagen and elastin in your skin also break down, causing sagging everywhere, including your breasts.” And as you get older, denser glandular tissue is replaced by softer, spongier fat that’s more prone to drooping. If you’ve had kids and/or breast-fed, you may notice the sagging even more.

“When you’re pregnant or nursing, your body sends signals to your brain to keep your breast glands engorged.

“After you’re done breast-feeding, the glands shrink back down and may become even smaller than before. But since your skin has been stretched out, the breast will look deflated.” That’s also true if you’ve gained or lost a lot of weight.

Since breast tissue is mostly fat, and contains no muscle, exercise won’t help reverse sagging, as there’s nothing to tone. But excersises that firm up the pectoral muscle around your chest will help pull up those ligaments, making your set look a little perkier, too.

When you hit the gym, a supportive sports bra is a must, “Many of the women we fit have gotten breast ligament tears-which contribute to sagging-from skipping a sports bra or wearing the wront kind.”

Skip compression sports bras, which hold your breasts against your chest and have molded cups that aren’t supportive enough to fully prevent bounce. Instead, look for a bra that encapsulated each breast with stitched-in seam support or underwire. Just don’t waste money on breast-firming pills or creams-there’s absolutely no evidence they work.


Information provided by: Health in the May 2012 Issue


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