What Does Breast Reconstruction Look Like

More than a third of breast cancer patients have one or both breast removed. These days surgery can create new breast that looks just like the real thing. The largest innovation is the “Flap” technique, which uses tissue from buttock, back, or

abdomen area to recreate the breast (1) so you don’t need an implant, a lot of the time this technique is done at the same time as the mastectomy then later a nipple is built from near by tissue. (2) If you are not a candidate for the flap surgery

(usually because you don’t have enough fat) you can opt for breast implants. During your mastectomy your plastic surgeon will place tissue expander under your chest muscle. Then once the area heals roughly  3 to 4 weeks a silicone or saline

implants is inserted. (3) A nipple sparing mastectomy provides an even more natural appearance: Cancerous tissue is sucked out of the breast while your skin and nipple remain intact and are filled with either a saline or silicone implant. If

your cancer is small and far from the nipple  you maybe a candidate for this procedure. You should discuss with your doctor to see which method is best for you.


Information provided by: Health Magazine



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