Why would I want to wear a compression garment?

What will your recovery be like?

The care you receive after your surgery or procedure is very important to your recovery and may even impact the final aesthetic result.

One way your doctor may choose to make you more comfortable during the recovery process might be to recommend wearing a carefully designed compression garment. If your surgeon has chosen to use general anesthesia during the surgery, you may wake up wearing one of these garments, especially following a liposuction, tummy tuck, buttock, thigh, face or upper arm lift, among other possible procedures.

Why would I want to wear a compression garment?

Following your procedure you may be surprised by how much you will prefer having compression evenly distributed across the surgical area. Why? Swelling!

Following your procedure you may be surprised by how much you will prefer having compression evenly distributed across the affected surgical area.

Why? Swelling!

Here is what happens. Even though the incision look small, your plastic surgery procedure affected a lot of tissue beneath your skin. Though hidden, the result is trauma to an area that you body begins to heal. While this reconstruction is occurring, building materials will travel to the repair zone. Extra blood, lymph and fluids trying to make its way to the affected area combined show up as swelling. This swelling or “edema”, could slow down your body’s healing process and cause your discomfort. Many surgeons have found through experience that compression garments aid in controlling and reducing edema while also making you more comfortable.

Benefits of compression:


  • Soften the skin
  • Considerably reduce swelling
  • Minimize bruising
  • Act as an external splint, immobilizing the skin in the correct position until fibrous connection form


  • Reduce pain
  • Improve comfort and support
  • Increase overall patient satisfaction and compliance
What are these zippers and hook-and eyes all about?

Following your surgical procedure, the compression garment that your surgeon prescribed may very well have zippers (also called a ‘stage 1’ garment). Garments with zippers, and particularly zippers with padded hook-and-eye closures underneath to protect the skin, are specifically designed to be easy to put on both on operating room table and in your daily life during the first stage of recovery.

Can I get zipperless garments?

After the first couple of weeks and perhaps earlier, you and your doctor may feel that you no longer need zippers in order to put your garment on. At this point, you are zipperless.

The advantage of zipperless garments are numerous. They are easier to sleep in, are more fashionable under form-fitting clothing, and will likely feel more like “normal” undergarments as you begin to enjoy some of your regular daily activities.

Why have I been told I need more than one garment?

You will be given a recommendation to have two post-operative compression garments. Most compression garments require hand washing and air drying, a time-consuming process. Therefore, it just makes sense to have two garments; you can take your time washing one while you wear the other for maximum wear time and healing benefits.

Here are couple places where you could purchase your Compression Garment
Ladies Choice                                                   Marena Comfort Wear
900 Hemphill St                                               1 (888) 462-7362
Fort Worth, TX 76104
(817) 870-9194
                    The Office of Walter D. Gracia, M.D., P.A. (817) 336-9450

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