Reasons to have Cosmetic Surgery…

Cosmetic surgery has increased dramatically in popularity over the past 10 years. With this increase in popularity, attitudes have changed as well. Fewer people are growing older gracefully, while more and more are accepting the cosmetic surgery alternative. Like nearly all fields, cosmetic surgery has undergone significant technological and conceptual changes in recent years. The conceptual changes have altered the approaches to facial aging, especially as they relate to the forehead, eyelids and lower face. Technological changes include the increasing use of the laser for facial cosmetic surgery, and minimally invasive techniques for face, breast and body contouring surgery. Finally, while any elective surgical procedure carries some risk, the advances in cosmetic surgery have translated into faster patient recovery and more natural appearing results.

Why do people get cosmetic surgery?

Five reasons why people get cosmetic surgery:

  1. Health Reasons: Some people may have gone through rough times caused by sickness or massive  weight loss, so it’s only natural for people to correct the damage caused by  their illness. People may want to fix a problem that maybe causing health issues  and surgery is the only option available, some people need surgery to  survive.
  2. Accidents: Another reason why people get cosmetic surgery is because they have been in a  accident. Minor car crashes, sports, work accident anything you can think of.  Because of accidents people can become severely deformed and cosmetic/plastic  surgery is the only option to help fix peoples injuries.
  3. Self Esteem: Some people choose to get cosmetic surgery to boost their self esteem. They need a boost and they think cosmetic surgery will give them that, people are extremely grateful to see the new changes to there bodies that they have always wanted.
  4. Re constructive Surgery: Re constructive procedures correct deformities on the face or body. These include physical birth defects like cleft lips and palates and ear deformities, traumatic injuries like those from dog bites or burns, or the aftermath of disease treatments like rebuilding a females breast after they have undergone surgery for breast cancer.
  5. Vanity: Some people say vanity is the reason why people get cosmetic surgery, in some cases it is the case. Botox, Face lifts, Breast Augmentation can all be considered vanity procedures. But it is a choice and people choose to have these procedures performed and if it contributes to there self esteem who are we to  judge

But for what ever your reason for getting cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision and should be done for you alone and not for the happiness or acceptance of others. The body by nature is flawed, there is no perfection but you can change and alter what you don’t like to make it better.

Setting Realistic Expectations 

Although cosmetic surgery will not change your life, it may give you greater self-confidence and add to your sense of well-being. Do not make this decision lightly. It will not solve personal problems or make you look like someone else. When it comes to successful cosmetic surgery results, this is often dependent on the communication between you and your surgeon. Make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon and that you feel you can communicate openly and honestly with him or her. Although people have many good reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery, some people seek cosmetic surgery for the wrong reasons and should reconsider their decision. The ideal patient is a well-motivated individual who has considered cosmetic surgery for some time. Most patients have seriously thought about having cosmetic surgery for 5 years or more.

Commonly stated good reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery include the following:

  • “I want to do it for myself.”
  • “I look into the mirror and I don’t recognize that person.”
  • “I feel young, I exercise, but I don’t look the way I feel.”
  • “People keep telling me I look tired or angry.”

Ill reasons to have cosmetic surgery are:

  • My partner doesn’t like something about me
  • My partner is leaving me and I want to change this to make them stay
  • My partner died and I want a pick me up

If you are trying to get cosmetic surgery for someone else it’s best if you reconsider the decision and really think if you would have a procedure done if that person wasn’t a factor.

Why would I want cosmetic surgery? 

It’s VERY important to be honest with yourself about why you want to correct a certain part of your body. You may be doing it for reconstructive purposes, either because of congenital defect or that developed as a result of trauma or injury. Or, you may be doing it to slow the aging process. In any case, here are some questions to ask yourself about wanting cosmetic surgery and remember: BE HONEST!

  • What is your motivation? Do you think your spouse will love you more? Or, are you doing this for yourself?
  • What is it about that flawed part of my body that I want to correct and why? When did I start thinking about cosmetic surgery? Was it because I wanted to do something about it or was it because someone else made a remark?
  • What are your expectations from cosmetic surgery? Are they realistic? That is, are there just slight aging irregularities that you seek to correct, or is this a way to make up for deeper issues?

Cosmetic surgery is a significant investment in time, effort, and emotion. It probably will not change your social life or your outlook on life. Take a minute to assess why you really want cosmetic surgery, and whether you have realistic expectations.


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