Dr. Gracia is participating in the Bodytite IRB study for body contouring. The Bodytite device is made by Invasix, a company bringing new technology to us designed to compete with Laser Lipolysis devices such as Smart Lipo and Slim Lipo. A key difference is the temperature regulation in the device to protect the skin. The device uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin to help shrink it (contract, tighten) and also melt fat as the fat is aspirated. This is to cause less trauma to the tissues, less bleeding and less bruising to help decrease the recovery time.


Contact our office today at (817) 336-9450 to see if you would be a candidate for this procedure.

RF energy travels from an internal electrode, which is simultaneously aspirating the coagulated tissue, to an external electrode, resulting in coagulation of adipose, vascular and fibrous tissue as well as heating the entire soft-tissue matrix. The coagulated and liquefied tissue is aspirated while heating of the soft issue matrix and subdermal tissue results in significant body tightening and recontouring. BodyTite provides gentle, outpatient treatment with improved safety and efficacy compared to other liposuction methods. Information courtesy of Invasix

The Areas most commenly done are the abdomen, neck, lower and upper back, thighs, and arms.

Schedule an appointment if you would like to see if you are a good candidate for this study. We look forward to assisting you with all of your cosmetic needs.


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