BodyTite featured in VOGUE’s June 2009 issue

Featuring BodyTite

Featuring BodyTite


Check out Vogue’s June 2009 which features BodyTite on page 142.


Dr. Gracia


along with a select few other plastic surgeons are leading the way in new technologies. “If it gains FDA approval later this year, Invasix’s BodyTite will become the first liposuction device to use radiofrequency– a medium formerly reserved for noninvasive skin tightening—to liquefy fat cells with what it’s proponents claim is greater speed and efficacy that it’s laser counter parts.” With the traditional lipectomy (liposuction) fat is removed via a power suction assisted machine and cannula, and can sometimes leave an undesired look of sagging skin. With Invasix’s BodyTite procedure the fat is melted before being suctioned away, while also delivering heat to the surface of the skin for tightening.



For more information about this procedure or any other procedures you can contact Dr. Gracia’s office

personally at

(817) 336-9450.


Dr. Walter D. Gracia, M.D.

1204 5th Avenue

Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Diplomate American Board of Plastic Surgery,

Member American Society of Plastic Surgeons


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