Local news channel NBC 5 DFW seeks the opinion of Dr. Gracia

A Fort Worth plastic surgeon says Internet deals on Botox are probably too good to be true.

A Fort Worth plastic surgeon says the Botox offered on a Web site is probably stolen or counterfeit.

Doctor: Online Botox Deals Probably Bogus


Dr. Walter Gracia said the drug offered on Botoxdepot.com is either stolen or counterfeit

“I don’t know how this could be legal,” Gracia said.

He said the Web sites prices raise red flags. The site offers 100 units of the controlled substance for $99.99, but Gracia said he pays more than five times that much.

“I don’t see how you could get it for less than $550, because that’s what the company is charging me,” Gracia said.

The doctor said Botox has a limited shelf life. The company only ships it to him on certain days of the week, Gracia said.

He said he also doesn’t see a trademark on the bottle for Allergan, the company with exclusive rights to Botox.

The Web site also offers instructions on how to inject the drug that Gracia described as very dangerous.

No one answered the door at the address in Mansfield that is listed on Botoxdepot.com’s Web site.

(Courtesy of NBCDFW)



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